Our Magical Story..

Pioneers in web developmement, specialising in automated website solutions, custom domain names and professional emails.


  • Started with an idea


    Weebsy was born with a creative idea, to make web creation simple for everyone. The aim was to create a software which would enable everyone to have a beautiful web presence.

  • Market Research


    To create something extraordinary we needed to conduct extensive market research to understand the current web environoment.

  • Developement Phase


    Weebsy started develeopment with front end designs and back end codes, to make a beautiful interface for creating stunning automated websites.

  • Weebsy Offically Launched


    Weebsy was launched on 24th April 2017, to the world. Making websites easy for everyone. All in one platform for Websites and Custom Domain names.

  • Additional templates


    Weebsy launced new Modern and Clean template designs. Customers could pick from a range of designs and switch between themes.

  • New Look and New Products


    Our entire website was revamped with modern classy look. New fonts and vibrant colors, making it easy to understand and navigate through the website, we also launched 2 New Products for our customers, namely - Professional Emails & Resellers

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a creative company with beautiful products that make website creation easy and simple for everyone.

Seamless. Effortless. Magical.

Weebsy is an all in one platform which makes website creation fun and easy. Elevating the standards of website creation, beautiful templates and seamless intergation. Click a picture from your mobile and upload it directly to your site. Weebsy makes website creation, Effortless. Seamless and Magical.

Bold. Clear. Superior Sites.

Unleash your desining creativity with Weebsy. You have a range of features and infinite options for creating a unique well planned website in minutes. Our extensive help center is power packed with answers just in case you get caught up with anything. Give it a Go and explore your inner-talents now.

Website Creation. Elevated.
Make it with Weebsy.

Weebsy was born to simplify website creation for everyone. It's aim is to provide the end user a sophisticated web creation platform with minimal input from the user. Our pre-customied designs are beautiful, modern and powerful which can be easily customised as per your requirements. Start a stunning website from your smartphone, tablet or computer today — 15 days Free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access my webmail online

Access your professional webmail account online at https://mail.hostedemail.com/ - This link is an online platform where you can easily check your mailboxes.

How is the Billing

Choose the billing cycle convenient to you, it can be either monthly or annually. Price remains the same, you will receive bulk discounts for multiple mailboxes.

Can I cancel my email

If you no longer wish to keep your personalized email address you can cancel the subscription at anytime. The changes will take effect on your next billing cycle.

Add to my mobile

Yes you can add your email to work with your mobile using pop3 and IMAP configuration. Send and receive emails from your phone, tablet and computer.

Do I need a Domain

Yes your email address will work with your website's custom domain. Once you purchase a domain thru Weebsy you can choose a plan for your Mailbox.

Can I add it to Gmail

Yes you can send and recieve emails with your personalised email address using gmail. This is a very simple process. Please click here to learn more about this.

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