Create your website with World class designs, an outstanding look and feel. Pre-designed and Switchable themes for your convenience.

Vibrant on Mobiles & Tablets.

Enchnace your site and brand image online so your viewers feel an unparralled viewing experience, everytime.

Auto-resizes to every screen.

Every website scales automtically accross devices to make your website stand out from the ordinary.

A Powerful Interface, simplified navigation.

A Seamless interface works accross all platforms, making it easy to naviagte through with a knowledge based help desk for any questions you may have.

Easy Quick buttons.

An amazing user interface makes navigation simple easy and intuitive.

Mobile and Tablet ready.

Edit, preview and upgrade your site from your desktop, tablets and smartphones. Now you dont need to wait to use a desktop to update or edit your site, get it done from anywhere at anytime. It's that simple.

Mobile and
Tablet Editing.

Yes, thats right! Edit your site right from your smart phone, its mobile friendly and responsive.

Start to finish on any device.

Start your free trial from anywhere at anytime accross any devices. Choose your design and go live instantly.

No additional apps necessary.

You dont need to download any apps to edit or update your website. Simply do it all from your phone's browser itself. It's really that simple.

Over 60 Domain extensions.

Why limit your domain extension to just a few? Now with Weebsy choose over 70 world-wide domain extensions at your fingertips.

Professional Emails.

Your domain comes gsuite ready, making it easy for you to get a custom email with google.

Automatic renewals.

All domains renew automatically making it easy and convenient for users. Now you can relax without worry, simply make sure your account is up to date.

Add your own Custom Logo.

Enhance the look of your beautiful website by adding your very own brand logo. Thus preserving the look and feel of your own brand online.

Simply Drag and Drop, thats it.

Adding your own logo is easy. Simply drag n' drop your custom logo and Weebsy does the rest. Your logo looks perfect across all devices. Learn More

Yes! you can add a favicon too.

A favicon is an icon located on the search bar which gives your website an extraordinary professional look. Now you can add your own favicon too! Learn more

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Our knowledge base support section is power-packed with information accross every topic, feel free to check it out.

World Class Support.

If you have any addional questions feel free to drop us a line by clicking here. We're happy to help you.

Getting Started Videos.

To make things even more easier we are in the process of launcing support videos, this will make things even more simplier and easier for you to understand Weebsy.

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